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Lego Birthday Party Fun!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

This two-in-one birthday party was such fun! The Lego Building Block theme was perfect for the big brother turning 4 and little sister turning 1. The party was held at a local park with a picnic shelter reserved. Parties at a park are great affordable, eco-friendly, and safe options during this COVID-19 pandemic. Check out my blog on having a Party At A Park for tips on how to make it easy and fun! Most shelter reservations can be obtained for a small fee and the fee goes towards maintaining the beautiful park for neighborhood recreational use.

Picnic shelter before party picture


Picnic shelter party setup, kids birthday party, cake table


I first pulled together the custom-made invitations which were emailed out to save on printing and postage fees and to limit waste generation. Money Saver & Eco-friendly!

Custom-made kids birthday party invitation

Custom Made Birthday Invitation

As the RSVPs started to roll in, I moved on to creating the inspiration board that launched me into the fun-filled task of making custom decorations. Using a bunch of leftover boxes from friends, family, and neighbors, I wrapped them to make SUPER-sized Lego blocks! These Lego blocks were great decorative accents and were the base to the cake stands.

Super-sized Lego block decorations for kids birthday party

Want to make your own SUPER-sized lego blocks, here's a quick how-to video.

How to Make Your Own Super-sized Lego Blocks

The cake stands were designed using materials on hand from the children's Lego block collection. They were assembled carefully and with significant forethought so that they could be disassembled and used as Lego blocks again after the party. Zero-waste!

Cake stand and cake table decorations for kids birthday party
cake stand and cupcake stand for kids birthday party

The cakes and cupcakes were custom-made by the children's grandmother! See these masterpieces below, aren't they fabulous?

Picture frames were sourced from second-hand stores and local neighborhood free Facebook groups. I quickly and easily spray painted them to match the party theme and they were ready to go. The table centerpieces were creations made from the children's large collection of Lego blocks. Within a few minutes of building these fun centerpieces, I was reminded how much I love Legos!

Lego birthday party decoration ideas
Lego building ideas for kids birthday party decorations
Duplo and Lego block birthday party decoration ideas

This party was fun to design and even more fun to make it come to life! The children had a blast!

birthday party kids having tons of fun

If you enjoyed this post, check out my other blog posts to find inspiration for your next party!

'Til next time

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