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4 Tips for Picking Your Wedding Colors

Picking your wedding colors can either be really fun or really frustrating. I offer the following 4 tips when considering what colors to choose for your wedding.

1. What time of year is the wedding?

When colors are chosen that take into consideration the time of year, it can have a complimentary effect on the event. Spring is known for pastels - think yellows, pinks, and blues. Shades of green with blue and yellow are great for the summer months. Autumn with the trees changing colors works well with warm reds, browns and grays. If you are thinking a winter wedding, then consider pale colors such as blue and purple and pair them with black.

2. Take into consideration your venue and location.

The natural tone and colors associated with your venue will be important. If you are planning your wedding outdoors at a garden, park, or other outdoor venue, then make sure and find out what colors will be displayed by the venue at the time of your wedding. You don't want to clash or blend in with the natural background. For example, if the venue will have lots of greens, then shades of green for the wedding colors should be avoided.

3. Will the colors look good on your wedding party?

Typically, the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear the wedding colors or shades of the wedding colors. While it is not mandatory, I can guarantee you that your friends and family in the wedding party will appreciate you taking this into consideration. There are some colors that are known for looking great on all skin tones, this includes pale pink, teal, and dark purple.

4. Finally, avoid hard to find colors.

While it is always nice to be unique and often fun with the color choices, you also do not want to pick colors that you later cannot find for your décor. For example, if you plan to rent tablecloths and you have a unique color, you may have difficulty finding the tablecloths. As a fun fact, the most popular wedding colors for the last few years have been dark blue, ivory, champagne, and gold.

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