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4 Fresh Ideas To Show Your Staff You Care

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

I don't have to say it has been a tough year. Every single person has been impacted by the pandemic. Industries have been devastated, children have fallen behind in school, and families are left feeling helpless. As we re-gain our footing, now is the time to look ahead and think about how you plan to retain your employee base.

According to Prudential Financial’s Pulse of the American Worker Survey, 26% of workers plan to look for a job at a different company once the pandemic has subsided — even more plan to do so in the greater Seattle area. Employers are focusing now on not only financial stability as the economy improves, but also ways to show their employees appreciation. One of the best tried and true ways is to throw an Employee Appreciation Party. There are many different ways this could be done that fit all different budgets and time frames. Graylie Events would love to help you show your employees just how great they are with a fun celebration! Reach out now to start the conversation.

In addition to a party, here are 4 fresh ideas on how to easily show your employees you care.

1. Instead of a coffee cart, how about an ice cream truck! With the weather warming up and the desire to get outside for some fresh air, an ice cream truck could be just what you need. A delicious and fun way to say thanks for sticking with us this year!

2. Bring in a live band for some lunchtime entertainment. You might be surprised just how affordable a band can be! This is also a wonderful opportunity to help out the small, local bands that have struggled throughout the pandemic. Live music encourages folks to relax, enjoy their lunch hour, and is guaranteed to be the talk of the office for weeks to come.

3. Gift of relaxation. Give your employees 15-30 minutes each of hard-earned relaxation by bringing in a masseuse. The employees can sign-up for their time slot the day before and everyone gets the chance to zone out, re-charge, and feel grateful they work for such an awesome company.

4. And finally, instead of telling folks that they are welcome to take Friday afternoon off, make it mandatory. There's nothing worse than hearing you "can" go home but feeling guilty because everyone else is staying. Close the facility to everyone, including you!

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